Engagement Videos

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT? IMAGINE THIS!! Your Grand Entrance at your reception….your bridal party has been announced. There is a hush over the crowd in anticipation. The Disc Jockey calls everyone’s attention to the TV or Projector screen. You have not told anyone that this video exists. The Disc Jockey says “The Newlywed Couple would now like to share with you this special video about their relationship” The video comes up and plays. The emotions and laughter fill the room. At the end of the video the Disc Jockey announces you into your reception to thunderous applause! That is an engagement video! The chance to share with the future generations and the current one about the early years or your relationship.


Our Engagement Video

6-8 Min Engagement Video

Generally happens at the same time as your engagement photo session

Online download in High Definition

Engagement Video
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