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Julianne is a native born-and-raised Southern Californian. She loves LOVE. Her Christian faith is extremely important to her followed by being a homeschooling momma to her two littles. Julianne has an obsession with squishy babies, good books and all the tea. If you are looking for a down to earth photographer who knows how to capture the most amazing memories, there are plenty out there… However, if you also want a friend and someone who helps you arrange flowers on your wedding day when the florist leaves early, who will be your hype girl when you are feeling self-conscious or come get down with you while capturing your amazing dance moves at your reception till all hours of the night, then she’s your girl. Photography isn’t just a business to her, she is in the business of love and being salt & light and bringing joy to others while here on earth.. that and taking really REALLY good pictures. She can’t wait to meet and work with you!

Julianne’s Portfolio

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