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No two weddings are the same. For one day you will bring together a group of unique people, raw emotions, and unpredictable family dynamics. Your story as a couple will influence your vision of your celebration, be it rustic or
romantic, vintage or goth, intimate or epic. I will be there for you, listening and reading between the lines, anticipating what comes next and being in the right place at the right moment. The challenge of creating a narrative out of the informational and emotional overload of a wedding day is what inspires me. I will record the story of your wedding day with the right combination of elegant portraits and emotional candids to produce a precious trail of memories that will take you back to the one of the most beautiful days of your lives.

Polina received her BFA in Photography from collaborative program of International Center for Photography and St Johns University in New York City. Her fine art works have been exhibited in galleries in New York City, Dallas and Moscow. She lives in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area in California with her husband and two daughters.

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