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Robin’s Portfolio – Elegant Events Media

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With a refined eye and attention to detail I dig deep to capture personality and flare, blending close-up and expressive imagery with wide-angle storytelling. My goal as your photographer is creating imagery in a photo-journalistic and unobtrusive way to help you to remember your wedding as it really happened. No overly staged moments or awkward poses – just you and all the realness of your day. No matter if you are having a huge lavish wedding or an intimate affair, you can rest assured knowing that your pictures will look true to your memories. Furthermore, I take pride in the ability to shoot without being intrusive, l want you to enjoy your wedding with minimal interruption!

Before picking up a camera my main intent lies in establishing a relationship with you—sharing your visions and designs and listening to your questions and concerns. I’d love to hear what photographs are most important to you! Our engagement session is a great way to begin to connect and I always highly recommend adding one. When your wedding day arrives we can look forward to already being in a comfortable and trusting place, anticipating the excitement that awaits you, your family, and your friends on your wedding day!

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