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Robin’s Portfolio | Elegant Events Media

Robin has an attraction to all things lovely, a desire to create beauty, a love of theater, melodic music, and romantic films. He takes inspiration from everything around him— art, books, photographers he admires, real life events and small features of everyday life. Robin adores families coming together, a perfect dress hanging, the small intimate items of a wedding, but most importantly, he embraces the privilege to capture these moments and details for you!

Robin is currently in his tenth year of photographing both eastern and western weddings, and still retains the love and excitement for every event. He has experience shooting weddings inside and outside of California and travel has always added to the allure for him. Robin is creative, resourceful, dependable, artistic and very adaptable to style or circumstance— his photography can easily shift between intimate and formal, however his preference lies with the candid and contemporary. Robin is easy to work with and prides himself in the ability to work without being intrusive so you may enjoy your day with minimal interruption!

Before picking up a camera Robin’s main intent lies in establishing a relationship with you—sharing your visions and designs, and to listen to your ideas, questions and concerns. The engagement session is a great way to begin to connect so when your wedding day arrives, you can look forward to already being in a comfortable and trusting place, anticipating the excitement that awaits you, your family, and your friends on your special day!

Robin’s Photography Portfolio

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