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Its a privilege and joy to witness, document and be part of someones’ precious moments. Its that joy that fuels my passion and drives my photography. When I am photographing my clients, they are not just my subjects. I engage with my clients and capture the candid moments as well as the elegant portraits. My clients have always said that they saw me as a friend or family during the event. Lifestyle, Arty, Journalistic and deeply personal is how I describe my style. I take the responsibility of providing the snapshots and the stories of your most cherished moments
Vidya has been photographing people, emotions, tradition and moments over a decade spanning across countries US, France, Latin America, India and more….She loves teaming up with her filmmakers hubby who she lives with along with their two young boys in Northern California. She is fluent in English, Hindi & Telugu and well versed with various aspects of weddings in different cultures.
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