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Wedding Videography Application – Elegant Events Media

Hello and thank you for your interest in shooting some awesome video for our team!

We are a very busy wedding media company, we provide service from Monterey to Reno and everywhere in between!  Our video shooters shoot the footage, upload to the internet and we edit.

Our team provides photography, videography, DJ, photo booth and lighting.  We do over 100 weddings a year, we are like a little family.  We work as a team which makes your job easier.

Pay scale:

– $100.00/hr while shooting for us

– $200 for gigs that include aerial drone videography


– MUST fill out application below entirely

– MUST have reviews online

– MUST OWN ( not rent) 3 high def cameras (list them below)  with a high quality assortment of lenses (list below)

– MUST have fast internet connection to upload footage

– MUST have a gimble (crane, ronin for example)

– MUST have high quality reliable audio recording equipment (Shure, Seinheiser, ETC)

– MUST have external lighting

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