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Destination Wedding Tips

In November 2017, we had the privilege of capturing this gorgeous destination wedding in Palm Springs. Our full team made a trip into the desert to produce a fairy tale. Southern California has a lot of wedding professionals, but the bride choose to book a Northern California media team (us!). This made planning her big day easier as we were able to meet in person, shoot her engagement sessions, understand their personalities and figure out exactly what they’d want for their big day. Here’s some tips to consider when booking a destination wedding:

  • Pick the perfect location. 

If you’re considering a destination wedding, there must be a reason. It means it’s a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. In this case, the Palm Springs couple chose The Riviera Resort as their venue because it meant something to the groom. If you have a location in mind, remember it should be something that represents your wedding theme, style, and preferences. Whether it’s a beach wedding or wine country, you want guests to say “that’s so them!”.

  • Timing is EVERYTHING.

While all guests may not be able to attend, you want to give as much notice as possible. Consider sending out your “Save the Date” cards at least a year in advance to give guests a chance to make travel arrangements and save money. The time of year is also something to consider, as weather can play a big role in the wedding depending on location.

  • Consider extra expenses.

Destination weddings aren’t cheap; Many vendors will have travel fees. If you’re on a budget, plan this ahead and set a later date. List out prices for flights, hotels, travel fees and other expenses that may occur.

  • Add an extra day.

One of the most common things we hear is “I wish I could have gotten to explore more”. When all of that money is invested into a trip, give yourself an extra day to explore and enjoy the area. Not to mention, give yourself a rest day. With the exhaustion from traveling and the stress from the wedding, take time to recoup.

In conclusion, a destination wedding is very similar to planning a big vacation. Our Palm Springs couple had the time of their lives and we did our best to make their day go as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re looking for something tropical or something in the desert, just go for it. After all, it’s your wedding day!


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