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Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding – Elegant Events Media

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Location

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as you start planning your wedding is where you’ll be holding it. You might not know where to begin looking or what criteria you should be trying to fill, and that can make your search seem more than a little daunting. To help you find the perfect place to say your “I do’s,” here are a few things that are useful to consider when looking into potential locations.

Your Overall Budget

It’s likely that booking your venue is going to take up the bulk of your wedding budget, so it’s important that you plan out the rest of your spending wisely. Cutting corners by not hiring professionals to provide services like photography, catering, and music throughout the day shouldn’t be necessary; after all, you want the day to run as smoothly as possible, and that’s what they’re paid to help you do! Instead, consider areas of your personal life where you might be able to cut back temporarily so that you can add a little wiggle room to your budget. If you have outstanding college debt, explore options for refinancing your loans to lower the monthly cost. If you’re signed up for any non-essential subscription services, cancel them until after the wedding is over to reduce unneeded expenses. By lessening the amount you’re spending in your everyday existence while planning your wedding, you’ll expand the amount you’re able to spend on your big day and your perfect venue.


When exploring your venue options, it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind right from the beginning: specifically, how much travel will be involved for attendees to get to your wedding, where the ceremony is being held relative to the reception, and how easy it will be for you, your guests, and your hired professionals for the day to get from one place to the other.

If you have both parts of the event in the same venue, this shouldn’t be as big of a concern. But if you decide to hold the ceremony and the reception in two different places, you’ll have to consider any logistical challenges that might pop up and accommodations that might be needed as a result of that separation. If you decide to hold your wedding in a place that will require a fair amount of travel for a lot of your guests, know that you’re risking having more of your loved ones unable to attend altogether. For the professionals you’re hiring, bear in mind that some may charge additional fees for any excess travel and transportation of equipment they’re made to do for the event. If you aren’t careful and don’t give the pros and cons of this decision serious thought beforehand, it might end up costing you more than you’d expect.


For both the ceremony and the reception, it’s essential that you make sure there is more than enough space for your guests, the people working the event, and all of the equipment that might be needed throughout the day (i.e. cameras, speakers, soundboards, musical instruments, tables & chairs, et cetera). The last thing you would want is for people to be cramped and uncomfortable throughout the day– that discomfort would no doubt shine through in the pictures!

It’s also important that you take into consideration how much time and work set-up and clean-up will take before and after the event. If you have access to your venue for a set number of hours, you’ll need to plan strategically to make sure that you get everything completed and returned to its prior condition in plenty of time.

Photographic Potential

Unless you’re planning on going a very traditional route with your wedding photos, it’s relatively important nowadays to consider the photographic possibilities available to you at your wedding location. If you’re looking for more than just the typical wedding party group picture against a bland backdrop, seek out venues that have visual interest, that will complement your wedding theme, and that have the potential for a variety of different types of photos. Hire a photographer who is also capable of bringing your vision to life and whose style fits well with your chosen surroundings. If you do your research and examine your options carefully, you’ll leave your wedding with beautiful, high-quality photos that are a unique reminder of your special day.

Opportunities for Fun

It’s easy to get stressed out or overwhelmed by the process of planning your wedding, but remember that it’s supposed to be a party! When selecting your venue, try to envision ways you can inject fun into the ceremony and reception. If you’re the dance-y type, for example, maybe you can choreograph your walk down the aisle or your entrance into the reception (where there ought to be a killer dance floor). For a good laugh, explore how you could make room in the venue for a photo booth with lots of goofy props. If you’re looking at a location with lawn space, brainstorm ideas for some outdoor activities your guests might like to play. Get creative, and throw in things that will make the event more enjoyable for you and your loved ones. The memories you make that day will be even fonder, and the photographic evidence of the event will be even more candid and treasurable.




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