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Wedding show dos and don’ts! – Elegant Events Media

Wedding show dos and don’ts!

Wedding season is upon us, many of you brides that got engaged during the holiday season are now jumping head first into wedding planning. Congratulations! Jump! It’s fun! However be a little strategic about it, attend all the wedding shows, enjoy! Here is some things you should do at the wedding shows:

1. Bring stickers with all your info on them, it’s a time saver.

2. Make a plan. What do you want, and what do you NEED? Figuring this out before you attend will keep you on track and keep your budget from getting out of control.

3. Sign up for everything! Raffles are free!

4. Figure out the probing questions you want answered from your vendors to quickly qualify them, this keeps you from wasting time chatting with vendors you won’t book.

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