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How important is a videographer at a wedding? – Elegant Events Media

How important is a videographer at a wedding?

So you’ve checked off your wedding list but still contemplating whether or not you want videography? Consider this, wouldn’t you love to be able to relive your wedding day years down the road? Perhaps at your 50th anniversary party? We tell our brides to ask themselves “would you love to be able to watch your grandparents wedding video? Your grandchildren will want to watch yours”.

It’s a small investment for such a big day. Here are benefits to hiring a professional wedding videographer:

  • You won’t miss a thing.

Believe me when I tell you that there ARE things you will miss on your wedding day that can be captured on video. Like your father’s reaction to you saying your vows or your mother’s reaction to you walking down the isle. These special moments are what videographers aim to capture.

  • Audio!

There is audio. Unlike pictures, there is audio on your wedding video. You’ll be able to listen to your vows, watch your first look, and listen to anything you may have forgotten was said while you were caught up in the moment.

  • No regrets!

They say that the biggest regret from brides on their wedding day is not booking a videographer. You have one chance to capture the day and it should be captured in the best way possible. Often they exclude it from their budget because it can be pricey. But at the end of the day, it’s cheaper than a lot of expenses that have been put out for the wedding.

  • Video packages are custom to your big day!

Elegant Events Media understands that all brides have different wedding needs so we create video packages that are tailored to your big day. We match our videos to exactly the brides needs and interests. We let them fill out a preference sheet that tells us how they want it shot and edited. We offer payment plans and special preferred vendor discounts.

Let us know how we can capture the magic!

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