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How to pick my wedding colors? – Elegant Events Media

How to pick my wedding colors?

Should your colors be what’s in season? Should it be what’s in style? Stop asking yourself these questions and start cracking down on what YOU love most. If you stumped and can’t figure out what you love most, here are some deciding factors:

  • What’s YOUR favorite color?

This should be your first start. If you and your fiance’s favorite colors work together, that can play a big role in deciding what your wedding colors should be. After all, this is YOUR day.

  • Consider the location!

Are you at a beach? Are you in a church? Pick something that works well with the location.

  • You can have two different colors for your ceremony and reception.

If you can’t decide on what colors work best and have two different locations for your ceremony and reception. Use two color schemes!

  • What’s in bloom?

Consider the time of year. Some colors may be hard to find if it’s not in season. But thankfully, you can always order decor online.

  • Digital Resources

At the end of the day – just remember this is about YOU. It should be about your likes and preferences. Thankfully, Pinterest is now the prime social media for decor inspiration and utilizing that site can be extremely helpful!



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