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Avocado Proposal? – Elegant Events Media

Avocado Proposal?

Yep, that’s an avocado and yes that’s an engagement ring. Oddly enough, avocado proposals are becoming a social media trend. Millennials have began proposing to their significant other with the use of an avocado rather than a jewelry box.

Apparently, this first started by a man who would come visit his fiance in California and was surprised with the amount of avocados that we have here. Since then, other men have decided to pop the question using  this method. In December Instagram User Matt Caron (pictured aboved) posted a picture with an avocado captioned “Every hippie girl’s dream proposal. So, the question is… Would you stick with the trend and want your fiance to propose to you like this? Or would you find it crazy?

We want to know!


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