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Secrets on how we can make your wedding reception the best! – Elegant Events Media

Secrets on how we can make your wedding reception the best!

Let’s party! Now that you’ve got the ceremony in order, it’s time to plan the reception. One of the most important things to do is to assure your guests don’t get bored during the reception. We want to make it an event to remember. Here are some great ways to keep the guest entertained and the bride happy!

  • Photo booth! 

This is a fun way to kick off cocktail hour while the newlyweds are out taking formal photos. Elegant Events Media offers 2 strips per person, a keepsake photo album, and all of the props are included! Guests love to hop in the booth and take funny photos. It gives them a fun way to pass time before dinner.

  • Wedding on a cloud (pictured above!)

This is a unique twist on the first dance. Our DJ can spice up the dance floor with fog that gives the effect of dancing on a cloud. It photographs really well and leaves guests in “awe”.

  • Engagement Video

An engagement video is a special video that we professionally produce prior the wedding. It’s around a 5 minute video about how the bride and groom met, telling each other what they mean to one another, and little details about the proposal. We show this on a projector prior to the grand entrance.

  • Slideshow

These can be very sentimental. We ask the Bride and Groom to send us about 150 photos and we will make a slide show out of them. We project this to music during dinner. The slideshow features the bride and groom as children, growing up, meeting, getting engaged and their life together now.

  • Monogram

A monogram is a really pretty decorative light that is projected with the Bride and Grooms name and wedding date. It can be created according to their wedding colors and customized on their wedding webpage that we provide. It can be projected on a pool, wall, dance floor, name a few! Check out our lighting page HERE. 


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